Classic Apple II text adventure Transylvania comes to iPhone

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Classic Apple II text adventure Transylvania comes to iPhone

“Halloween is over, Hearn, you unbelievable cretin. Why are you writing about a game called Transylvania Adventure?”

I’ll tell you why. Like Flight Control and others, Transylvania started its life on an Apple device. Unlike Flight Control and others, however, it did so 27 years ago, back when I did my gaming on a large and useless object called an Apple II.

It’s a text adventure in which you have to wander around a grim, blocky countryside environment trying to rescue somebody called Princess Sabrina by typing things like, “Go north” and “Open door.” This iPhone version has been remade in collaboration with original author Antonio Antiochia.

The gameplay has been updated, making it no longer a text adventure in the strictest sense. You can stick to text input if you like, but you can also go from place to place by swiping your finger in the corresponding compass directions and interact with objects by touching them. There's also a verb wheel.

Thankfully, the graphics have scarcely been updated at all. Aside from revamped sound and few little animations it looks as charmingly rubbish as ever. If you have any retro leanings, this is probably worth the 59p asking price.