Traha, Nexon's previously Korea-exclusive MMORPG, opens up pre-registration for global Android players

Traha, Nexon's previously Korea-exclusive MMORPG, opens up pre-registration for global Android players
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MOAI Games have announced that pre-registration for the global version of their successful mobile MMORPG, Traha, has opened up ahead of the planned launch for later this year. After debuting in Korea in 2019, this beautiful multiplayer role-playing game has maintained a pretty consistent player base, and after a few years, is finally making its way to other audiences.

Traha is one of the higher-budget mobile MMOs out there, even being published by the ever-so-legendary NEXON. This high-fantasy set RPG combines a lot of MMO conventions with some really engaging third-person action combat that’s not too dissimilar from popular aRPGs like Genshin Impact or Punishing Gray Raven.

Where it differentiates itself from those titles is, of course, within those MMO mechanics - things such as a massive quest log, a ton of progression and loot to chase after, world bosses, the whole shebang. However, Traha seeks to stand out even further with its really interesting class system.

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Rather than sticking with the typical MMO trio of healer, attacker, and tank, Traha allows you to freely swap between the current seven classes on offer without having to make an entirely new character. Started out a healer but looking to do some damage? You can swap right on over to an Assassin for free instead! This makes the game generally less restrictive, and even less grindy since you won’t have to start from the beginning just to try out one class.

Combine all this with some beautiful Unreal Engine 4 graphical fidelity along with a super in-depth character creator akin to something like Black Desert, and this one is definitely one you’ll want to hop on once it launches.

If all of this sounds like your dream game and you’d like to get ahead of the curve, you can pre-register for Traha at the link below and receive some free rewards once you log in upon launch, so get on it while you can! Currently, there's no App Store pre-registration available yet but in the meantime, you can also check out the official website for more information on the game!

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