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Towers of Everland, a stylish first-person dungeon crawler, is this week's Apple Arcade game

Slay monsters, hunt for loot, and save the day

Towers of Everland, a stylish first-person dungeon crawler, is this week's Apple Arcade game

Towers of Everland is this week's Apple Arcade release. It's a colourful, stylish first-person dungeon crawler that sees you taking on hordes of tricky monsters housed within elaborate towers.

Developer Cobra Mobile mixes exploration, combat, and layered RPG elements to provide a fast-paced and moreish dungeon crawling experience. Each run here should feel slightly different, though your ultimate goal remains the same: help rebuild and revitalise the Great City.

You'll do this by slaying plenty of those aforementioned monsters, dodging traps, hunting for loot, and gradually improving your gear. New weapons or armour can be crafted from hundreds of unique pieces, which should give you plenty of reason to return time and again for another run. Its replayability will likely come down to whether or not the game's mix of melee and magic combat is any good, though. 

I feel like a bit of a broken record at this point when I say that Apple Arcade has been on an incredible roll recently. Spyder, Legend of the Skyfish 2, Winding Worlds, A Fold Apart, Roundguard, and Beyond Blue are among the best mobile games of the year so far, and they've all launched exclusively for the service within the last couple of months.

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Will Towers of Everland keep the party going? It certainly looks like it could be a good time, and I'm personally a big fan of the genre. So, hopefully. 

You'll find it available for download later today from over on the App Store. With it being an Apple Arcade exclusive, you'll be needing an active subscription to play. Those go for $4.99 a month or $49.99 for a full year.

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