Towers of Everland: Tips to take note of in this first-person royal RPG

Towers of Everland: Tips to take note of in this first-person royal RPG

Strategize to the top

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Tower of Everland is a dungeon crawler that's fresh to the Apple Arcade library. What makes the game different from most other dungeon crawlers is that your goal to climb up rather than descend. Also, you're not in one big location; but you will be tasked with going through multiple castles.

You can choose between four different heroes. These characters are the Royal Guard, Mage, Rogue, and even the Stone Golem who looks sort of like the Dark Souls golems (minus the crystals). Each of these characters has attributes such as strength, dexterity, intellect, and constitution (health essentially).

As you explore, you'll battle it out with enemies from a first-person perspective. When you enter a castle, you'll need to clear three or more floors of foes. Normally, There's an enemy or two behind doors so you'll be ready to attack. Some of these rooms also include treasures too.

Tower of Everland is a battle to the top. Here are some tips to get your climb going.

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Choose a character you like

As mentioned, there are four good heroes to choose from. It's always wise to go with one that you feel will suit your best at the beginning. Perhaps you want a strong character. If that's the case, the Stone Golem is your best bet. Meanwhile, if you're a dexterity player, then go for the Rogue.

Magic gamers will enjoy the Mage, who has the highest intellect rating of anyone. Lastly, if you want a more balanced build off the bat, then the Royal Guard is a great choice. Feel free to test out each hero in the starting stage to see which style you like best.

These are all good solid builds so definitely try and experiment by taking out the weaker enemies at the start. You will need to create a new game to try out a new character. Just don't venture too far into your game in case you decide to change your mind. 

Wait for your opponent

This doesn't apply to the very beginning stage, but once you start heading into the towers, then this is something to remember. Instead of charging right into a room, be patient, and wait for your enemy to get in within your point of view, and then you can strike.

I say this because the movements in the game are like moving chess pieces. So you can't go in a diagonal way or anything like that. You don't want to go in and caught off guard, especially since you can't turn around as quickly and it's in first-person where you can't see around you as well.

So, just open the door and wait for them to come your way. Reel them in like a fish and strike. It shouldn't take much for them to go down. A couple of hits should do the trick. But, to summarize; open the door, listen for the footsteps look at the map where you'll see a red dot come your way, and then take them out without getting scratched.

If you find new gear, equip it

It's always exciting in a video game when you find some new goodies for your character. However, it can also be easy to forget about equipping them and just moving on. Especially since Towers of Everland is pretty quick when it comes to interactions.

But go ahead and equip your new toys. Some items have certain effects that can damage enemies quicker and put them in their place. It could be poison, fire, or other elemental like powers that are on the weapons.

The damage is twice as effective, and it just looks cool too. So definitely be sure to equip new items if they are more powerful than your previous items. It goes without saying but, the stronger the better, am I right?

Upgrade the Adventure Guild

The Adventures Guild essentially plays like your home base in Towers of Everland. From here, you can tackle more towers, complete quests, and upgrade your hero among other things. There are a few quests you can take on, and it's recommended that you check them out. 

This is the best way to upgrade the guild, which will allow you to try new quests. It will also grant you greater rewards too, and I think we all love better goodies don't we? The difficulty is another thing that will have an effect as you complete quests. 

And as you can expect, the harder the difficulty, the better the gifts you receive. Of course, if you find things too challenging then don't worry about it. You can still get some solid rewards if you don't go harder. But, if you want to challenge yourself more, then go ahead and give it a shot after beating some quests. 


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