Tower of God New World, the new idle RPG based on the titular anime series, opens global pre-registration

Tower of God New World, the new idle RPG based on the titular anime series, opens global pre-registration

The highly anticipated mobile adaptation of the anime/webtoon series Tower of God, entitled Tower of God New World, has opened up global pre-registrations for all interested gamers. This new title sees the world of Tower of God transported directly to our pockets, with an idle style of gameplay that will allow you to progress while going about your busy schedule.

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Tower of God was a webtoon, or Korean comic, series that blew up in popularity a few years back. It tells the rather unique story of an amnesiac protagonist who awakens in a multi-floored tower that he is compelled to climb. Along the way, the secrets of both our main character and the tower are slowly revealed as he runs into oddball characters who each have their own motivations and reasons for being the titular Tower of God.

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As for this particular mobile adaptation, it plays similarly to something like AFK Arena in that you’ll build up a team of 5 members who will then automatically battle their way through various stages. It’s up to you to determine which team comp can tackle what content, and utilize each of the character’s unique kits to ensure that they will not only do proper damage but also ensure that they won’t get obliterated by the variety of foes you will face.

There’s a massive roster on display within New World, consisting of familiar faces from the anime series and webtoon alike. Each of them comes equipped with its own weapons and abilities, and you’ll need to synergize them all together so they become an unstoppable powerhouse of auto-battling!

So, whether a fan of the series or someone who just loves idle RPGs in such a vein, this is the game for you. You can currently pre-register at either of the links below right now to receive a free copy of the SSR unit Twenty-Fifth Bam, a powerful sword-wielding variant of our protagonist, so be sure to hop on it while we wait for an official release date.

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