Tower of God: New World brings Kaiser and Hatz to the fray in latest update

Add two more heroes to your squad now

Tower of God: New World brings Kaiser and Hatz to the fray in latest update
  • SSR+ Kaiser and SSR Hatz join the roster
  • Boost Missions for both characters
  • New Ignition weapons up for grabs

Netmarble is back with another content update for their popular anime-inspired collectible RPG, Tower of God: New World. Since its release, the mobile title has been updated nearly every two weeks with new content including more characters from the manga as well as several limited-time events. The latest patch is no different with two new teammates, Ignition weapons, and events.

The first new hero to join Tower of God: New World’s update is the SSR+ Ruler, Kaiser. The queen of 39th floor’s Name Hunt Station, Kaiser was once destined to be the Princess of Zahard but her dreams were shattered when she unknowingly destroyed her family. She now uses this force of multi-shot basic attacks to deal devastating damage to enemies.

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SSR Donghae Hatz on the other hand, is the owner of the Ignition weapon of the same name. This menacing blade has sliced through several Rankers and still remains just as sharp. Hatz is a strategic fighter who gives equal importance to both attack and defence as his skill grants a boost to damage whenever his defence increases.

Both new characters will have Boost Missions held until July 3rd, giving you a shot at obtaining them just by completing a few missions. In addition, you can get your hands on the Sundance and Sela Ignition Weapon Sets, which should help shake gameplay up. Plus, more adventure floors have opened up, taking the tally to a whopping 85.

Here’s a list of the best Tower of God New World characters available right now!

As you ascend the tower, don’t forget to check out the Vacation Celebration Check-In event that’s offering 60x SSR Yellow Soulstones, 2000x Suspendiums, and more just for logging in. Xia Xia’s Dangerous Vacation Story Event also makes a return, bringing back the SSR Tower’s Blessing Break Stone.

Explore all the new content by downloading Tower of God: New World now for free. Visit the X page for more information.

Tanish Botadkar
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