iPad tower defence game Total Defense 3D rolls out to iPhone

Building smaller towers

iPad tower defence game Total Defense 3D rolls out to iPhone
| Total Defense 3D

DaSuppa has made its popular iPad tower defence game Total Defense 3D available for the iPhone.

Previously only playable on iPad, the iPhone version of Total Defense 3D will feature the same mix of strategy, plot, and 3D visuals as its predecessor.

Additionally - and impressively - the iPhone port will not compromise any of the features that helped make Total Defense 3D so popular. Players gaming on their iPhones will retain the ability to rotate the camera a full 360 degrees and zoom in on the action when needed.

Tanks for the memories

The storyline of Total Defense 3D is spread over 23 missions that span across a variety of planets. Each mission may be played at one of three difficulty levels (Normal, Hard, and Hell), providing players with a challenging test of their strategic planning skills.

To help contextualise the futuristic gameplay and atmosphere of Total Defense 3D, the free tower defence game manages to squeeze an equally futuristic electronic soundtrack into its 54.8MB profile.

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