BBC Worldwide reveals Torchwood: Miracle Day game / motion comic for iOS

Content will be updated with each of the 10 episodes

BBC Worldwide reveals Torchwood: Miracle Day game / motion comic for iOS
| Torchwood: Miracle Day

Speaking at the GameHorizon conference in Gateshead, UK, Robert Nashak, the head of games at BBC Worldwide, revealed how the organisation was opening up to games.

More specifically, he spoke about plans for Torchwood: Miracle Day, the new series of the Dr. Who spin-off show.

The sci-fi programme will be supported with an iOS-only game and motion comic app, which is currently under review at Apple.

All I need is a Miracle

Torchwood: Miracle Day is, therefore, due to be released alongside the first episode of the series's ten-show run, which airs on July 8th on the Starz channel in the US and on July 14th on the Beeb in the UK.

Gameplay specifics weren’t revealed, but it’s known the game links into what happens in the series, and includes voice acting from cast members.

The overall plot arc of the series revolves around a ‘Miracle Day’ in which no one on earth can die, and the reasons and person behind the situation.

New content will be released for the app as each weekly episode is broadcast, and three additional 59p/99c content packs will be available, too.

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