Torchlight: Infinite is now taking sign-ups for its upcoming closed beta

Torchlight: Infinite is now taking sign-ups for its upcoming closed beta

Torchlight: Infinite, the upcoming mobile instalment in the popular series, will soon host a closed beta test. The test will be available for both iOS and Android.

About Torchlight: Infinite

XD Inc., well-known for Sausage Man, Muse Dash, and Ragnarok M, is the developer and publisher of Torchlight: Infinite, which is going to be published in partnership with Perfect World.

It was first announced at the ChinaJoy 2020 event that Torchlight: Infinite was the latest instalment in the award-winning Torchlight series. Initially, the Torchlight series was developed by Runic Games, known for action-based RPGs with hero building abilities, fast-paced combat, and adorable pets.

Torchlight: Infinite is set 200 years after the events on Torchlight II in the Ember Tech era, where you will be tasked with stopping Aember - the Ember Blight from corrupting the sacred land of Leptis.

About the closed beta

The Torchlight: Infinite closed beta will feature four heroes with 24 skill trees spanning over 180 skills. Initially, there are four heroes to choose from, but many more will unlock as you progress. You can build the heroes with skills and optimize them according to your playstyle.

The challenges and journey become much more interesting when exploring the dungeons, which contain randomized loot drops. Torchlight Infinite is free-to-play with no pay-to-win elements, including heroes, items, skills, and maps. Instead, any microtransactions are purely cosmetic and available for those who wish to add more personality to their heroes.

Sign-up for Torchlight: Infinite's beta

You can now sign up for the closed beta test through the official site. However, only a limited number of players will be allowed in this upcoming closed beta test. You can check out the dev blogs on TapTap to learn more about the mechanics.

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