Top Gun 2 thaws Iceman for another mission

iPhone sequel introduces new aircraft, weapons, and locations

Top Gun 2 thaws Iceman for another mission
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Paramount has given clearance to Top Gun 2 for iPhone and iPod touch, the official sequel to the game based on the iconic movie.

Iceman cometh back for a new mission, which sadly sees him shot down over enemy territory. Skirting Communist patrols to save him is your objective in this arcade action game.

According to Paramount, battle jets, helicopters, tanks, and even an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) have to be stopped across seven missions in order to save Cold War-era America.

Looking at the screenshots, the flight mechanics crafted by the developer of the first game, Freeverse, appear to have been scrapped for a less-cluttered setup.

Flashing danger zones have been eliminated from the screen, although it isn't apparent from the images if the game allows free navigation of the skies. The controls have been tweaked too with different weapons systems lining the edges of the screen.

The graphics are noticeably improved since the first game, boasting a number nice effects. There's no mention, though, of iPhone 4 retina display support.

Top Gun 2 will be available for iPhone and iPod touch soon.
Tracy Erickson
Tracy Erickson
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