Big Fish squeezes down for Cut the Rope-esque elastic puzzler Tiny Places

Swaps rope for chameleon tongue

Big Fish squeezes down for Cut the Rope-esque elastic puzzler Tiny Places
| Tiny Places

Best known for its hidden object games, US publisher Big Fish is experimenting with something a little different with new iOS title Tiny Places.

Developed by Icelandic studio Gogogic, it picks up where games such as Cut the Rope have blazed the trail, having you pinging Napoleon the Chameleon around levels using his tongue, which acts like an elastic band, also tapping on screws to secure him from crashing into obstacles.

Collector's item

Along the way, you need to collect things like puzzle pieces and flies carrying stars before making it into the exit hole to access the next level.

As you'd expect there are different themed settings with 16 levels in each. Unlocking new themes happens as you collect those stars, while puzzle pieces unlock bonus acts, which - at launch - is the Zero Gravity experience.

Tiny Places is available priced 99c, €0.79 or 69p for iPhone, and $1.99, €1.59 or £1.49 for the iPad HD version.

There are also free versions for each platform, which give you the first 16 levels, with the other two worlds unlocked with cash.

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