The idle adventure Tiny Pixel Knight is officially available on Google Play in beta

The idle adventure Tiny Pixel Knight is officially available on Google Play in beta

Loongcheer Game’s pixel art idle adventure Tiny Pixel Knight has just entered early access on Google Play. This game is a casual RPG with an auto-battle system, created for those who just want to listen to some soothing background music while casually fighting monsters.

The Pixel Kingdom has been raided by monsters for far too long. They have invaded human-occupied lands and taken over them. They have been torturing and harassing human beings for thousands of years now. As a result, human occupancy has constantly been diminishing in size.

But all that is about to change. You, the Tiny Knight are that change. Mankind has wondered why they cannot beat the monsters for a long time. The answer was simple – they know nothing about the monsters. And now you, the tiny knight will venture out into the world plagued by monsters in search of knowledge. In search of every monster that exists, to create an all-encompassing Monster Index. And like every story with a happy ending, maybe there is a beautiful princess waiting for you on the other side of all this?

Tiny Pixel Knight features over ten mysterious areas like forests, relics, deserts, islands, dragon caves, and more. The more you fight in these regions, the deeper you go into the story. With over a hundred monsters spread across these areas, filling that Monster Index is not going to be an easy job!

The game has a massive skill tree with over 200 different skill choices leading to limitless combinations of the most amazing skills. You can play around with your talent choice and level it up so it's stronger. Use your earnings to forge powerful weapons which your knight can use to fight. This idle adventure is sure to keep you hooked.

Download and test the beta version for free on Google Play.

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