GDC 2015: Noodlecake shows off Brickies, Tiltagon, and Slots of Farwater - your next three addictions

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GDC 2015: Noodlecake shows off Brickies, Tiltagon, and Slots of Farwater - your next three addictions
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Prolific iOS and Android game factory Noodlecake showed us a whole bunch of new games at GDC last week. Including a first glimpse at Super Stickman Golf 3 and its rad level editor.

Here are the other games we got a look at. Check the video above to see these in motion.


This one has some common ground with Super Hexagon. It's super difficult, it starts on hard difficulty and only gets harder, and it's named after a six-sided geometric shape. But this is no clone.

Instead, it's about tilting a ball to manoeuvre it around hexagonal platforms. On each step you must hit the cube to reveal the next platform and then roll over to it. There are obstacles, holes, and the ever-present worry that the platform is about to disappear.

Your best score in hard mode will be probably be about 30. In hard plus, where simply touching an enemy kills you, you can expect a score of about five. If you're lucky. Tiltagon's out real soon.

Brickies Brickies

Next up, we've got Brickies which is a fresh take on the classic breakout game. Here, you're given a short time limit - represented as a massive timer in the background - to clear a screen filled with bricks.

But it's way more manic than that - you have two paddles for starters (one at each end of the screen), ridiculous power-ups like multi balls and laser guns, and even boss-sized bricks that require special attacks to take down.

And to keep things fast, you don't get a game over if you miss the ball with your paddle. Instead, the ball just deactivates until you next thwack it.

There are loads of levels and also a randomly-generated endless mode where you win back time for every block hit.

Slots of Farwater Slots of Farwater

And finally, we've got a clever mash-up of RPG and slot machine in (the tentatively name) Slots of Farwater.

The idea is to pull the handle, get some random items - they might be swords or hearts or gems or staffs - and then, when the grid is filled you'll be able to turn nearby items into attacks, spells, and heals.

There's more depth to it than that, with re-spins and holds and special items. This one's a little early, though, so expect it to evolve more as development goes on. I do like that Ridiculous Fishing-style art, though…

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
Mark Brown is editor at large of Pocket Gamer