Watch ads to stop ads in Noodlecake's Tiltagon - coming April 9th

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Watch ads to stop ads in Noodlecake's Tiltagon - coming April 9th
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Noodlecake's next game, Tiltagon - which shares a brutal difficulty and a love of six-sided shapes with Super Hexagon, but no actual mechanics - comes out in a few weeks.

This is a cheeky arcade game about tilting your device to roll a ball between hexagonal platforms. On each plinth you must hit a cube to make the next one appear.

Things certainly get tricky when you involve roaming obstacles that seek to push you into the abyss and giant great holes in the centre of some platforms. Not to mention the Hard+ mode which will murder you pretty much instantly.


Perhaps the most interesting thing about the game, though, is its free to play model. It's ad-based, but you can pay to remove them forever. Or, you can watch a video ad to disable advertising for five minutes.

"Watching an ad to get rid of ads. Sounds crazy but we think players will really dig the choice," says Noodlecake.

The studio previously toyed with ads in Bitcoin Billionaire. Banners were initially turned off but you could boost your profits in the game by enabling advertising for a short time.

Tiltagon is coming out on April 9th for both iOS and Android.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
Mark Brown is editor at large of Pocket Gamer