Tiger Woods PGA Tour

You might well think EA's decision to drop the year from the title of its latest run with golf's finest signals some kind of reset for the series.

It wouldn't exactly be the most surprising of decisions, given the strife Tiger himself has suffered in the press of late. His media career has, essentially, started from scratch as a result.

However, instead of going back to square one, Tiger Woods PGA Tourpositions itself as a bastion of refinement, offering up play that's more than familiar to anyone who has dipped into its previous outings, but giving it something of a new sheen.

In EA's eyes, this is the best a Tiger can get.

Good wood?

Just whether it achieves this is certainly up for debate. It's true to say thatTiger Woods PGA Tourcomes with some of the finest visuals seen in the series on mobile so far, its 3D ambitions again fully realised without any hint of slowdown.

Nonetheless, otherwise it really is a case of 'spot the difference'. The main process of play remains largely identical to our last run with Tiger.

Choosing just where to aim and how hard to hit the ball is brilliantly simple without being condescending. Twisting the direction of your shot is handled with keys '4' and '8', while holding down '5' determines the power behind it, your phone vibrating when the optimum force is reached.

Much of play comes down to figuring out the most efficient route to the hole rather than the actual application of it a factor that has always made the Tiger Woods series more palatable to newcomers than some of its more audacious rivals. This family-friendly feel remains and, indeed, it's not hard to whiz through an entire course, win or lose, in under ten minutes.

Running the same course

The problem is, almost all of these traits applied to the last release in the series,Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09. Some smoother graphics aside, Tiger Woods PGA Tourbrings only some additional courses and a rejuvenated Challenge mode to the table.

Said mode will keep enthusiasts on board for a while longer, its shifting of the boundaries adding an extra target or two to those proficient with a club in their hands. But overall it's hard to recommend Tiger Woods PGA Tourto anyone who has the previous version already installed on their handset.

Refined it certainly may be, but refreshed Tiger is not.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour

Much like the previous outing, Tiger Woods PGA Tour is both playable ad enjoyable, but refined visuals and extra challenges won't make it distinctive enough for many