iOS and Android updates this week - Ticket to Earth, Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition, and more

What are you hoping to see?

iOS and Android updates this week - Ticket to Earth, Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition, and more
| Ticket to Earth

It's that time where we check out what updates have been floating about from the past week or so.

Be it new episodes of favourite games, a few tweaks for player experience, or totally new segments which revitalise older titles. There's a little bit of something for everyone.

Let's take a look, shall we?


Ticket to Earth - iOS

Episode 2: Crash was released today as a free update to the already enjoyable Ticket to Earth. Having earned PG's prestigious Gold Award, let's hope that attempting to survive a mutated wasteland proves to be just as exciting.

Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy - iOS/Android

Episode 3: More Than a Feeling started rolling out overnight and it's time to join Starlord and the gang for some more crazy adventures. Will we see more character-building pathways like Rocket Raccoon's in the previous episode? Or will this one be more action-oriented?

Note: it make take a few days for the episode to be available on all platforms so keep checking in.

Frost - iOS/Android

The latest update to this deck-building CCG, 'Revolution Edition', will apparently be its last. This includes a new mechanic based on Terror cards (new Fatigue cards), modifications to existing cards, a new and personal scenario 'The Author', and general bug fixes.

WWE SuperCard - iOS/Android

Yet another card update for this wild wrestling CCG. This time we've got over 100 new cards available in the SummerSlam '17 tier. Plus, there's now free energy, updated offers, and a little tweak to how Support Card pulls are handled on the Draft Board.

Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition - iOS

Three new fighters have been added to Street Fighter IV in the latest free update: Guy, Gouken, and Evil Ryu. Small changes like play balancing, match-making enhancements, and bug fixes have also gone down.

Strike Team Hydra - iOS/Android

Version 1.3 brings about a new ability preview window where you'll be able to see what moves you can perform after moving to that tile.

Characters will also move around corners more realistically, completed special missions will be marked with a yellow medal, the tile preview screen shows the name of any collectibles on it, there's an option to hide corpses, and there's a bunch of your usual bug/UI fixes.

Nexomon - iOS

Nexomon's offers up a bunch of smaller improvements. You can now level up past level 99. Rather than being reset to '0', the excess experience after leveling up will be added back to the Nexomon.

Other updates include: Ventra's boss battle being made easier, new artwork in the credits, unreachable items can now be attained, the 'evolution boost' feature has been removed until it can be properly implemented, and general bug fixes.

WWE Tap Mania - iOS/Android

Version 1.3 invites the Hardy Boyz, Matt and Jeff Hardy, and Samoa to the party. We've now also got Challengers to Stages 500 to 2000, Random Encounters with Superstars and Legends which drop shards as rewards, and general bug fixes.

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump - iOS/Android

Ahh yes, this slippery sucker's back for more as version 1.3.0 lets us challenge the final league. Don't be too sad to see the end, however, since there's also some new features added to enjoy playing even after you've finished.

Plus, new random events, new friendship items/decorations added to the Diamond Shop, and Simplified Chinese is available as a language choice.

Demon's Rise 2: Lord of Chaos - iOS/Android

It's only a two-pointer today as it looks like only the iOS release got a small update (but I've added the Android link anyway because I'm a nice human).

Version 1.7 fixes the game-breaking 'infinite move' bug introduced in version 1.6, and now lets units move more naturally around corners, rather than rather dramatically wide circles.

PES 2017 - iOS/Android

Updated earlier this week, version 1.2.0 includes the new 'Local League' feature, an 'Online Match Challenges' event, and some new, unspecified items. Plus, you know, general bug fixes.

Rodeo Stampede - iOS/Android

Throw back for this one since it's been a while. Version 1.10.0 lets us explore the Mount Olympus Zone. We've also got 35 new mythic beasts to buddy up to and 15 new hats to unlock and collect.

Heroes Evolved - iOS/Android

Last but not least - but certainly the largest - is version 1.2 of Heroes Evolved. This one here is a major update, kicking things off with renaming the 'South East Asia' region to 'Asia'.

After that new features include unlocking Clan Warfare in September, adding a Training Camp, adding an achievement system, and a new game mode called Chaotic Strife.

There are also new releases, like new heroes and new skins, and new events, like Pandora's Box and Login Madness, but the list seriously goes on and on. We'd be here all day, so check out the full changelog right here.