Musical mash-up Theatrhythm Final Fantasy on 3DS confirmed for European release

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Musical mash-up Theatrhythm Final Fantasy on 3DS confirmed for European release

We’d pretty much figured Square Enix’s very odd-looking mash up of Final Fantasy and rhythm action game, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, was going to be one of those Japanese-only titles that importers will be hoarding in their collections well after the system had disappeared from the shelves.

Instead, it seems that the first music-based FF title will actually be released over in the West after all.


If you’re a massive FF fan then you should be in for a treat, as the incredibly hard to type without triple-checking Theatrythm Final Fantasy features a whopping 70 scores that span the entirety of the famous JRPG series.

You get to choose up to four heroes to ‘do battle’ (as it were), who also come from the series’s rich past, while three different stage types - Field, Battle, and Event - mix up the gameplay.

There’s a spot of the more traditional Final Fantasy in this rhythmic tapper, too, with characters levelling up as you progress through the game.

Personally, as long as it includes the horribly catchy song that plays in XIII-2 on the sunny Archylte Steppes, I’m interested (cue bemused fans in the comments).

Thearthereymth- let’s start that again. Theatrythm Final Fantasy will be out in the Summer. You can check out the official website by following this handy link.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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