Buying everything in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy on iOS would cost you over £100

How much would it cost to get all the 3DS content?

Buying everything in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy on iOS would cost you over £100

If you're a Final Fantasy super-fan and you plan on buying every character and song in the recently released iOS version of Theatrhythm, then you better start saving yesterday.

We've done the maths, and we've figured out that if you want to buy every piece of content on the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy store, you will need to fork out £104 / $147.

That's 13 song bundles at £1.99 / $2.99 each, 59 single songs at 69p / 99c each, and 25 characters at £1.49 / $1.99 a pop.

The game itself - a rhythm-action title in which you play along to classic tunes from the Final Fantasy soundtracks - is available for free, and songs can be downloaded piecemeal.

The Theatrhythm Final Fantasy shop

To get you started, you are given two tracks ('One-Winged Angel' from Final Fantasy VII and 'Zanarkand' from Final Fantasy X) for nowt. The rest come with a price tag.

Balance is Restored

So, how does the pricing system in place in the iOS version of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy compare to the 3DS version's?

Well, you can't do a perfect like-for-like comparison, for you can't get every song from the 3DS game on iOS... yet.

But, if you add up all the songs and characters in the iOS version that are available in the 3DS edition, it will cost you £62.13 / $88.89 to get just some of a 3DS game that you can buy on Amazon for £19.99 / $29.99.

Let us know if you've bought any songs, or how much cash you've splashed in Theatrhythm's iOS store, in the comments below.

Updated on December 14th, at 14:50: Just for an added comparison, let's see what happens when you buy everything on the 3DS eShop, compared to buying everything on iOS.

The 3DS version has 51 songs on the cartridge (just counting the challenge ones, not the 26 story ones), and a further 52 downloadable songs on the eShop at 90p / 99c each.

Add those all up, and add on the cost of the game itself, and you've got 103 songs for £66.79 / $81.47.

On iOS, you get 111 songs for £66.58 / $97.28. And that's before buying any characters, which brings it up to £104 / $147. Zoinks.

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