Theatrhythm Final Fantasy hits App Store with perfect timing

Epic tune

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy hits App Store with perfect timing

The rumours were true - Square Enix is bringing the excellect Nintendo 3DS rhythm action game Theatrhythm Final Fantasy to iOS.

In fact, if you live in New Zealand, it's already out. For the rest of us, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy will strut onto the App Store at midnight tonight, UK time.

So what's got us inadvertently tapping our digital feet? We awarded the original 3DS version a Silver Award back in July, and just the other day we commented that "the touchscreen controls would be perfect for smartphones and tablets."

Our wish came true. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is the first music-based addition to the Final Fantasy series - and given that the rest have been traditional RPGs with epic plot-lines, that's quite a diversion.

There's still an RPG structure of sorts underpinning the game, but the meat of it involves tapping out a rhythm to some of those classic Final Fantasy scores in order to score points and level up.

This iOS version adds the all-new Quest Medleys mode, which lets you "play through songs you’ve purchased in a rhythmical gauntlet."

We're assuming that's not a reference to some kind of musically-enchanted glove power-up, but knowing Square Enix we could be wrong.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy will be hitting the App Store at 12am UK time, and it won't cost you a penny for the initial download. It will if you want to purchase more song tracks, we suspect.

Jon Mundy
Jon Mundy
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