Theatrhythm Final Fantasy could be destined for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy could be destined for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone
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Square Enix has thrown up a teaser site for what appears to be a new Theatrhythm Final Fantasy title.

The site, represented by a musical note on the publisher's RSS feed, displays four horizontal rows carrying circular command prompts from left to right.

These rows will be familiar to anyone who enjoyed the rhythm-action shenanigans of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy on the Nintendo 3DS. Beneath the rows, a placeholder reads "coming soon".

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There are a couple of possibilities.

Firstly, Squeenix could be dropping hints for an upcoming sequel. We liked the first game enough to give it a Pocket Gamer Silver Award, though we're not 100 per cent sure a sequel would deliver anything a decent-sized chunk of DLC couldn't.

However, it's more likely that Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is on its way to mobile devices. After all, the touchscreen controls would be perfect for smartphones and tablets, plus Square Enix has a history of porting console titles to iOS and Android.

This theory has been given credence by a NeoGAF forum member, who discovered text in the site's source code which redirects web browsers to platform-specific versions (iPhone, iPod, Android, Windows Phone) of the site.


Could Square Enix be readying the page to direct mobile browsers to the App Store, Google Play, and Windows Phone Store versions of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy?

We'll have to wait until someone at Squeenix starts singing to find out.


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