The Witcher: Monster Slayer's new Monsters’ Fall event is now live

The Witcher: Monster Slayer's new Monsters’ Fall event is now live

The autumn equinox signifies the start of Fall and with its beginning come new monsters. The month of Halloween is plagued by horror all around and to add to that, we have monsters plaguing the world once again. A new event has begun today in Witcher: Monster Slayer. It is the Monsters’ Fall.

Throughout this monstrous event, the appearance of beasts in your surroundings will increase to levels never seen before. And it's not just limited to any subset of monsters, every kind of monster will be found more often in the wild, for it is the beginning of Fall. Whether the monster is rare, or even legendary, they have all left their lairs in search of prey to hunt. Magic surrounding the equinox has also caused a significant increase in their population, furthering their malicious goals.

While traversing through Nemeta, players will encounter these beasts randomly, without the requirement of any bait! So pull out your silver sword and slay these creatures of the dark! The time to fight is now. The Monsters’ Fall event is live now and will go on until October 5th at 6:00 am CEST. Your only goal is to destroy any and every monster that stands in your way.

Witcher: Monster Slayer’s The Great Hunt event was loved so much by fans that Spokko Games has made it permanent! During this event, a few changes like extended interaction range and increased monster population on the map and those summoned by the Witcher’s Aura were introduced. These features are here to stay permanently!

Begin slaying beasts by downloading Witcher: Monster Slayer on the App Store and Google Play. It is free-to-play but contains in-app purchases. All rewards and quests regarding The Monsters' Fall will only be available until October 5th.

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