The Walking Dead: All Stars is celebrating Halloween with a flurry of new content

The Walking Dead: All Stars is celebrating Halloween with a flurry of new content

After releasing its first content update last month, The Walking Dead: All Stars is already celebrating Halloween with an entire series of updates that brings more spookiness to the already creepy game. Players will experience thrills and chills as they are introduced to new characters, themed events, game modes, and heaps of rewards.

Let’s start off with the new characters. We first have Henry, who was created specifically for The Walking Dead: All Stars. He is a young Ally that throws red balloons at enemies and pops them to perform his basic shooting attack. Henry supports his buddies by increasing their attacking speed and critical strike rate.

The second character comes originally from The Walking Dead comics – Yumiko, who joins All Star’s roster as an epic class character. As a ranger, she uses a bow to fire three deadly arrows at the zombies to obliterate them. Her arsenal includes a basic piercing arrow attack, poisoned arrow attack, and ambush assassinations.

Players can use both of these characters in the new Total War game mode. It involves players teaming up with other survivors who must beat a powerful plunderer together. Victory includes exclusive rewards like a Conduct Manual and high-ranking players shall also receive prizes such as Gold Bars.

All of All Star’s town is ready for Halloween as it has been decorated with themed items. Players can join in on the fun by dressing up as characters like Abraham with Wild Rider which is the game’s latest skin.

In addition to this, players will win numerous rewards like Skill Manuals by completing the Stage 19-4 in World through the Survival Record 1-9. Personal Gear is being made available as well. Simply put, it is an item specifically for a legend level or higher character and can be used only by them. It enhances a lot of attributes and can be strengthened itself.

Enjoy Halloween celebrations smashing through zombies by downloading The Walking Dead: All Stars now for free.

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Tanish Botadkar
Tanish Botadkar
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