The Walking Dead: All-Stars introduces new characters, gameplay events and a story chapter in latest update

The Walking Dead: All-Stars introduces new characters, gameplay events and a story chapter in latest update

Com2uS and Skybound Entertainment have just dropped a thrilling new update for the mobile collection RPG, The Walking Dead: All-Stars. It introduces a new character, builds on the story with a new chapter, and adds a few different gameplay modes to explore.

To kick things off, a very special character enters the fray in The Walking Dead: All-Stars’ latest update. Fans of the series obviously know the beloved protagonist Rick Grimes, whose son, Protector Carl finds himself in the RPG. Carl Grimes is already part of the game and this version is essentially the same character in grown-up form.

He now sports an eyepatch to cover his childhood injury and wields a katana to slash through zombies. The next hero, called Lydia, is an original one who is inspired by the comic books. She disguises herself as a Walker to confuse the enemies and decimate them using bone ash.

Meanwhile, the game’s original story also moves further as Chapter 40 launches in this update. Players will be able to explore events beyond Asyl as a new Survivor Record goes live as well.

In addition, a bunch of new events have made their way to the game. One such quest, Frontier Search has been curated specifically for the top ten players on the existing PvP Frontier Leaderboard. Automatic battles will take place daily over two weeklong seasonal periods until June 11th. Rewards include points and essentials like Benefit Material.

Players can now also build their own search team build their own search teams by checking the entry limit for buildings in abandoned cities. There, they can look for valuable items in the Ghost Town Search event, which will run until April 30th. Login events are another source of gaining freebies.

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Tanish Botadkar
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