The Walking Dead: All-Stars releases update featuring a new gameplay mode and characters

The Walking Dead: All-Stars releases update featuring a new gameplay mode and characters

Com2uS has just announced another content-filled update for their mobile collection RPG, The Walking Dead: All-Stars. This one is particularly exciting as it introduces major gameplay updates, including a new challenge mode, in addition to more characters, features, and in-game events.

The Walking Dead: All-Stars’ new Challenge Mode offers players a way to explore unique combat situations. It features three difficulties and will offer excellent rewards such as Class-exclusive Special Gear and Enhance Material.

Two new survivors also join the game, to further build on the lore. Lang joins the squad as an elite hunter with the Warlord alignment and handy attacks. Players can use Lang in either the front or the back row, as he will target the single strongest foe of all.

The other hero is Blaine, who makes it very clear why looks can be deceptive. She may look beautiful, but she does a tonne of damage to opponents. Zombies should definitely beware of her as she carries garden shears that she will use to mercilessly rip them apart.

Meanwhile, a few limited-time events will go live too. The Town Management event will be available until April 3rd, offering bingo-styled action, where dice rolls are earned by completing daily quests in the Quench Your Thirst section.

Furthermore, beginning from March 23rd, seven-day and 14-day Survival and Growth Support events will grant handsome rewards for upgrading and collecting characters. The forests near Asyl contain a sneak peek for a future update, introducing a new character, Rang.

To top it off, another new system will allow players to see the most popular characters that are used worldwide. It gives a great look at what others in the community are doing, and may even help strategize new gameplay plans.

Enjoy all of the update’s new offerings by downloading The Walking Dead: All-Stars for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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Tanish Botadkar
Tanish Botadkar
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