The Walking Dead: All-Stars introduces new characters and a story chapter in latest update

The Walking Dead: All-Stars introduces new characters and a story chapter in latest update

Com2uS has just announced a new update for The Walking Dead: All-Stars as we settle into the new year. The update introduces numerous characters to the collection RPG, including a former antagonist from the comic series, and a number of other features.

Three new characters join The Walking Dead: All-Stars with this update. The first is the leader of the Saviours, John from the original Walking Dead comics. He belongs to the technician class and uses a fiery hammer that is great for targeting mobs and hordes of zombies.

Another character from the comics, Siddiq, also joins the roster. He is a master builder and uses his tools in both construction and combat. Siddiq specializes in close-range attacks. The third addition is an original, Malcolm, who is an epic-grade character with a warlord alignment. His ultimate amplifies his attack and boosts survivability.

All-Stars’ story branches outwards with this update as well. A brand new chapter has been unlocked, which sees the Asyl survivors try to locate friends and energy outside their border. Players will also learn more about the same story from different perspectives as the Survival Records of Annie, Henry, and a few others can be unlocked.

In addition to this, a new feature called Facility Management is also being introduced. It does as it says and gives players the opportunity to form a stockpile of weapons and items by kick-starting various facilities. Ultimately, a fully customizable network can be formed.

Players can also take advantage of the upcoming Warehouse Clearance event that kicks off on January 27th and another content update to follow it a few days later. As of now, a login event is providing items like Survivor Choice Recruit Tickets until the end of the month.

Explore Asyl’s story further by downloading The Walking Dead: All-Stars now for free.

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Tanish Botadkar
Tanish Botadkar
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