DS gets six-axis motion control

The UK will probably never see The Starry Night Navigator, though

DS gets six-axis motion control

A game has been announced in Japan which combines two quite exciting bits of news. First, it's a game that teaches players about stars and constellations (eat our heart out, Patrick Moore).

Second, its cartridge incorporates six-axis motion control.

As reported here, The Starry Night Navigator is planned for release in summer in Japan and is in development by AstroArts, an astronomy software and magazine publisher which to date seems to have just made astronomy software for PC.

Of course, there are no plans as yet to release the game outside of Japan. Which is a pity because turning your DS into a portable star-spotting device is a nifty use that we'd never have thought of. We will of course tell you if this changes any time soon but the sun is likely to go supernova before that happens.