EA's sixth iPod game is The Sims Bowling

Click wheel to spin bowl?

EA's sixth iPod game is The Sims Bowling
| The Sims Bowling

It's part of the Sims' DNA that the things they do are often mundane: getting up, eating breakfast, going to work, showering in a steam of dignity-preserving blurred pixels...

And in that context, The Sims Bowling, which was released for mobiles earlier this year and is now available for iPod via iTunes, fits right in. After all, bowling is such a traditional part of American life it's become both a metaphor for the breakdown of western society (in sociologist's Robert D Putnam essay, Bowling Alone), as well as the abstract nature of pop-punk band naming conventions (Bowling for Soup).

Or as the Sims might say, "Deepwa spanewash deepla blah".

Yes, forget the clever stuff. The Sims Bowling for iPod is all about the simple pleasures of rolling a heavy ball into a bunch of curvaceous sticks and knocking them over. It's something the iPod's click wheel should be ideally suited to doing.

Success will be rewarded with Simoleons, that can then be used to purchase skill-enhancing products like new balls, gloves and wax, as well as threads for your Sim, such as trendy shirts, trousers and shoes.

Game modes include Classic, Strike-O-Thon and Spare-O-Thon games, and you can play against a friend using the turn-based Pass 'n Play feature as well. You'll also be able to swap out the game's soundtrack for your own playlist, should EA's choice of music proved less than inspiring.

The Sims Bowling is now available from the iTunes Store, priced at £3.99.