Producer Justin Taber details The Sims 3: World Adventures iPhone enhancements

New customisation options, locations, and funny scenarios

Producer Justin Taber details The Sims 3: World Adventures iPhone enhancements

The Sims 3 packed in a ton of content when it was released last May, but subtitled sequel World Adventures plans on delivering even more.

Producer Justin Taber took Pocket Gamer through the big additions to The Sims 3: World Adventures including a wealth of new customisation options, locations, and goals.

"Our goal was to keep everything that people enjoyed with the original iPhone game and expand on that with new content," explains Taber.

World traveller

Three international destinations are being introduced: Al Simhara, Champs Les Sims, and Shang SimLa. Each comes with unique scenarios and items. In Al Simhara, for instance, you may encounter a mummy should you be wandering around at night.

While these are intriguing additions, Taber noted that the biggest change involves your sim's home town. "The biggest thing we did was remake the central town to improve the layout."

Customisation was a high priority, and so new options for your sim - three new face options apiece for male and female sims, along with new clothing - are offered. "Expanding customisation was high on our priority list," says Taber.

In-app purchases

You don't have to create a brand new character, though, since the game allows you to recreate a sim from the previous game. In fact, the game will even recognise any downloadable content you may have purchased.

"We really pushed hard to accommodate those in-app purchases," he explains. "We're also looking at having DLC for World Adventures down the road, but nothing at launch."

The Sims 3: World Adventures will be available for iPhone and iPod touch soon. EA Mobile has yet to announce pricing.
Tracy Erickson
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