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The Revolt: Massing is finally out today, with a special launch code worth $19 for first-time players

The Revolt: Massing is finally out today, with a special launch code worth $19 for first-time players

YOGAME is finally launching The Revolt: Massing for both iOS and Android devices today, letting players experience a thrilling new adventure based on a hit comic book series. In particular, the game takes inspiration from the popular Hong Kong comics “Westward”, and invites players to an oriental fantasy journey that's a subversion of the "Journey to the West" tale.

The Revolt: Massing features more than a hundred heroes that players can collect, each with its own unique attributes, classes and skills. Characters can be upgraded via Training and Awakening to buff up your party, as well as to gain the upper hand during PvP battles in the arena.

In celebration of the game's official launch, players will be rewarded with tons of in-game goodies and a bunch of launch activities. For instance, eager beavers who log into the game for the first time will be rewarded with a 10-time summon for free, along with Orange hero Tian Yuzhi. Simply logging into the game for seven consecutive days, on the other hand, will give away daily bonuses to players such as upgrade items, free summon rolls and advanced equipment.

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Plus, there are plenty of special tasks and lotteries at launch as well. And finally, the devs have a special surprise gift code worth $19 just for you, just because you've read the article this far! Simply click on the link to redeem your reward after the server opens:

If you're keen on getting your journey started, The Revolt: Massing is now available to download on the Google Play Store for Android devices and on the iOS App Store. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. You can also visit the official website to stay updated on all the latest developments, join the community on Twitter, or have a look at the character trailer above to get a feel of the artwork and visuals.

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Catherine Dellosa
Catherine Dellosa
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