The Ramp is a relaxing skateboarding game with a focus on flow that's heading for iOS next month

The Ramp is a relaxing skateboarding game with a focus on flow that's heading for iOS next month
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Publisher Crescent Moon Games and developer Hyperparadise has announced that the skateboarding game, The Ramp, is heading for iOS next month. They didn't provide a specific release date, but if you are interested, pre-orders are now open.

According to the developer, The Ramp is intended to be a digital toy rather than a fully-fledged game where players can spend 15 minutes chilling out as they land a series of tricks. That means you won't find any of the features popular in other skateboarding titles like high scores, missions or unlockable items here.

However, even though the game promises a delightful sense of flow that makes playing The Ramp a relaxing experience, don't expect pulling off the toughest tricks to be simple. Hyperparadise has taken the easy to learn, hard to master approach with its controls, meaning that the more advanced skills might take a while to nail consistently.

The Ramp sports a serene art style that certainly captures the laid back vibe the developer is hoping to achieve. Rather than rolling through several levels, players will perform tricks in small vignettes across different miniature skate parks. They range from simple areas to a swimming pool and a giant ramp for those looking to grab some air time.

The Ramp is available to pre-order now over on the App Store ahead of its release sometime next month. If you're an Android user or simply want to play the game right now, it's also available on Steam, where it costs £4.79 or your local equivalent.

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