The Pegasus Dream Tour saw a surge in downloads over the past two weeks

The Pegasus Dream Tour saw a surge in downloads over the past two weeks

Jp Games' RPG, The Pegasus Dream Tour, recently celebrated the closing of the Paralympics, which led to a surge in downloads for the game with a 5-10x increase daily. The ongoing success is likely thanks to the inclusion of Japanese musicians, real Paralympian avatars and highlight screenings from the real-life event itself.

The in-game concerts are certainly proving popular then and have included artists such as Tokyo Gegegay, Virtual Dreams Come True, and the Pen Pineapple Apple Pen legend, Pikotaro. These concerts have all been part of a series called the Avatar Gala Party, which isn't over just yet.

The final event in the series will take place on 19th September and will feature J-Pop vocal and dance group J Soul Brothers III from Exile Tribe. In the lead up to the event, players can enjoy an RPG storyline that will contribute towards building the in-game venue. The in-game gig will take place at 11 am, 6 pm and 11 pm JST.

Meanwhile, players looking to learn more about the stars of the Paralympics can find nine para-athlete story quests within The Pegasus Dream Tour. They will also be able to interact with the avatars of medalists Holly Robinson (Javelin Gold medallist) and Hirose Takayuki (Boccia Bronze medallist).

During the Paralympic Games, players could participate in the Pegasus Parasports Grand Prix, which saw them competing in five different parasport matches. Medals were awarded based on the total number of points players earned throughout the contest.

The Pegasus Dream Tour is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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