The Pegasus Dream tour is having its second concert with Pikotaro on August 21st and 22nd

The Pegasus Dream tour is having its second concert with Pikotaro on August 21st and 22nd

I have a pen, I have a apple
Uh! Apple-pen!

I have a pen, I have pineapple
Uh! Pineapple-pen!

Apple-pen, pineapple-pen
Uh! Pen-pineapple-apple-pen

Who doesn’t remember this crazy song that went viral? Well now, you can enjoy Pikotaro’s hit song in The Pegasus Dream Tour, the first-ever official video game for the Paralympics.

This concert will be the second one in the Avatar Gala Party series. Titled the PikoFest, the concert will take place thrice on Saturday, August 21st at 7:00 pm PDT, Sunday, August 22nd at 2:00 am PDT, and Sunday, August 22nd at 8:00 am PDT.

Pikotaro himself hopes that he can bring people from all around the world to Pegasus City using his power of “connection”. By participating in a tap minigame until 20th August at 11:00 pm PDT, players can build a monument of Pikotaro to celebrate his addition to the game.

Players will also be rewarded for helping build the monument. New interactive experiences will be unlocked by completing the minigame like tickets to the virtual concert, exclusive Pikotaro outfits, call-and-response emotes, and in-game motions for your avatar.

Players can put on the famous PPAP outfit and dance along with Pikotaro during the concert. His actual dance movements were filmed using motion capture and all players can make their Mines do the famed PPAP dance during the concert.

This upcoming musical act will also have a two weeklong RPG story that leads up to it, so players have a lot of content to enjoy before the actual concert.

To add on, the #PegasusSupporters social media campaign has also begun wherein 300 top social media influencers have been appointed as Official Pegasus Supporters. These influencers will expose the younger generation to the game, as it was created with the ideology of being an innovative way to tackle social issues in a sustainable manner.

Download and start building the Pikotaro monument on The Pegasus Dream Tour for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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