The Pegasus Dream Tour launches a social media campaign with over 300 influencers

The Pegasus Dream Tour launches a social media campaign with over 300 influencers

The Tokyo Olympics 2021 have successfully concluded but each day we draw nearer to the Tokyo Paralympics. And to celebrate these paraathletes, the International Paralympic Committee and JP Games launched the first-ever official video game of the Paralympics, The Pegasus Dream Tour earlier this year.

In the celebration of these athletes, the International Paralympic Committee and JP Games have launched a new social media campaign with over 300 top internet personalities, disability influencers and advocates to promote the positive message of the Paralympics with the hope that they could reach out to the younger audience and create feelings of support and appreciation for them.

The campaign will run across TikTok and Instagram using the hashtag #PegasusSupporters. The campaign will be headlined by actor and YouTuber Brent Rivera, who has over 80 million followers and Ricky Berwick, a comedian with over 144 million likes on TikTok, who was born with the mobility limiting Beals-Hecht syndrome.

Ricky and 12 other disability influencers have also been turned into interactive avatars inside The Pegasus Dream Tour game:

  • The 22-year-old wrestling freestyler Zion Clarke
  • DJ Mizter Bonezz, aka DJ Daniel Amaya
  • ExtremeMotus, aka Sam Durst who is an all-terrain wheelchair creator
  • Actor Kewon Vines
  • The ‘Shortest Married Couple’ world record holders Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros and Katyucia Lie Hoshino.

Some of the other famous internet personalities who have pledged to be Pegasus Supporters are American social media personality Alexis Ren, Canadian TikToker Leena Dong, American fitness top model Jailyne Ojeda, American influencer Adam Waheed, Netherlands actor Twan Kuyper, musician SPENCE, Guerreros Kida, and Argentinian influencer A Bailer con Maga.

Its not just the influencers who can support this cause, you can too! Use the #PegasusSupporters tag and gain access to a special face paint filter on Instagram. The more the people that support this event, the greater its reach will be.

Show your support and download The Pegasus Dream Tour on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. You can customize your avatar’s prostheses and wheelchairs in the game and take part in precision-ball-sport boccia, football 5-a-side, athletics, and wheelchair basketball.

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