Updated November 25, 2020: New entries added

Contrary to all those tiresome cliches about nerds and jocks, sports and video games actually mix very well indeed.

The very first video game was a sports game. It arrived in 1958, and was a rudimentary take on tennis.

Sporty games have been huge over the years, too. How on Earth do you account for the staggering successes of the FIFA, Madden, and NBA 2K games?

Sports games aren't all about mega-franchises, of course. There are plenty of quirky, oddball, and downright fantastical sports-themed games out there.

You can find loads of games of both stripes on mobile. The App Store is home to sports games of all kinds, and we've assembled some of our favourites in the following list.

Have we missed your favourite iOS sports game? Let us know what you've been playing in the comments section below.