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The Legend of Neverland best class

The Legend of Neverland best class

As in most other video games, The Legend of Neverland classes are not perfectly balanced. And to be strong, you need to not only play the game correctly but use a good class as well. Read on, and you will learn what the best class in The Legend of Neverland is.


The first thing you need to know is there are four classes in The Legend of Neverland: Gladiator, Ranger, Craftsman, and Scholar. As you'd expect, each class is designed for a different playstyle. For example, the Gladiator is a tank, the Ranger a damage dealer, and the Scholar a healer while the Craftsman is a balanced character with no clearly defined weak or strong points. Despite this, some classes are better than others.

So, when talking about the most powerful class in The Legend of Neverland, everything depends on your preferences and in-game experience. For example, it's best to use the Ranger if you are a skilled player. They can deal excellent damage per minute and take on an important role during battle.

However, if you are a beginner, the best choice is the Gladiator. This is the best tank in The Legend of Neverland. Gladiators have the highest number of health points. Therefore, you can make more mistakes playing them and you will not be punished as much.

And the last two classes are the Craftsman and the Scholar. We would not recommend choosing these two classes as a beginner if you want to be effective. As they have no clearly defined strong points, it is hard to determine how to use them correctly. However, a skilled player playing the Craftsman or Scholar can take any role during the battle and be effective.

So we recommend you choose Gladiator or Ranger in The Legend of Neverland. And below you can find some information about each class.

Gladiator skills guide

Since Gladiators are tanks, they are perfectly suitable for beginners. And below, you can see some info about skills you will have using Gladiator:

  • Air Raid. Deals significant damage 3 times when the player approaches an enemy.
  • Combo Hit. This skill has a long cooldown and deals good damage to enemies in the front area.
  • Land. Deals x4 damage to enemies in the immediate area.
  • Instability. This skill stuns the target for 5 seconds and deals double damage.
  • Punitive Chop. Using this skill, you will throw swords at the enemy, dealing significant damage.

Ranger skills guide

Rangers are damage dealers in The Legend of Neverland. So, it's best to start using it after you've got some experience playing. Below is a list of all the skills you will have playing Ranger:

  • Arrow Vortex. This skill provides a Hunter’s Mark effect to your arrow, which deals 30% skill damage to the target 4 times for 20 seconds.
  • Arrow of Shattering. This skill provides a Hunter’s Mark, but only to the opponents in the front area.
  • Kick in the Roundhouse. This skill applies when you knock your enemies back in the front area.
  • Bolt Shifting. Using this ability, you will significantly damage enemies and immobilize them for 5 seconds. Moreover, Hunter’s Mark will be applied when using Bolt Shifting.
  • Many Arrows. When you hit the enemy 5 times in a row using this skill, it applies the Hunter’s Mark to the target.


If you are a beginner, the best class to opt for is the Gladiator. And if you are a more experienced player, the best option is the Ranger. It will allow you to deal more damage and play a central role during the battle. And while you are here, take a look at our The Legend of Neverland codes list for some free goodies.