The Impossible Game now on iPhone... possibly

Like Canabalt, but with more cursing

The Impossible Game now on iPhone... possibly
| The Impossible Game

Warning: This game may cause you to hurl your iPhone and scream a variety of curse words.

Originally an Xbox Live Indie Games release, The Impossible Game takes the one-button platforming concept of Canabalt to whole new level.

An orange square surges forwards, and tapping the screen makes it hop.

Obstacles litter the course, from spikes to platforms, and you need quick reflexes to dodge around them all. A single mistake equals instant death.

Definitely one for the masochists out there. There's also a Practice mode which lets you place down checkpoints, for those sections which are just a bit too much.

You've also got medals to collect and stats to analyse. The Impossible Game is great fun, and available from the App Store 99c / 59p / €0.79.

Check out the below gameplay footage for what you're up against.

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