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Go on a globetrotting adventure in THE GAME OF LIFE: Vacations for Android and iOS

Holiday of a lifetime

Go on a globetrotting adventure in THE GAME OF LIFE: Vacations for Android and iOS

The time has come to grab your suitcase, get it packed, and head off on your dream holiday in the newly released THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations. It’s available worldwide on iOS today and the Android release will follow shortly. The game sees you exploring the sunny side of life in an unforgettable exotic adventure.

This one comes to us from developer and publisher Marmalade Game Studio which specialises in bringing classic board games over to console and mobile devices. In the past, they’ve released the likes of CLUEDO/CLUE and BATTLESHIP and whilst Marmalade enjoys a faultless reputation for retaining the spirit of the original games, the developer is never one to shy away from changing things up either.

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THE GAME OF LIFE: Vacations is a perfect example of Marmalade taking the core concept of the original game, which sees you navigate the humdrum aspects of life (marriage, college, and career), and adding a new spin by placing the focus squarely on the fun and frolics of enjoying the perfect holiday.

The aim of the game is to collect as many happy memories as you can while travelling around the board in an exciting holiday location. You’ll spin the in-game wheel to try out a range of activities, including snagging souvenirs, giving cliff diving a go, collecting postcards, and snapping photos. This will all add up to making your holiday the best of the bunch.

The game’s first location, Volcano Island, is a gorgeous, tropical hideaway where you’ll find wonderful beaches, friendly fishing villages, and expansive lava caves to explore. There are also a number of different pegs to play as and vehicles to use, including a surfer family in their hippy van and a cool backpacker who roams around on their motorbike.

There’s a traditional single player mode where you can play against AI opponents, multiplayer is great fun with friends, family, or rival players online, and the local pass & play mode is a blast.

THE GAME OF LIFE: Vacations is available to purchase now from the App Store.