The Elder Scrolls: Blades cheats and tips - Make progress and play for free

The Elder Scrolls: Blades cheats and tips - Make progress and play for free

Avoid microtransactions and smash through the game

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The Elder Scrolls: Blades gets hard. This is a free to play game, and as such, Bethesda have seen it appropriate to make it incredibly difficult to move on without paying up money and investing in the game's premium currency: gems.

The game suddenly gets more challenging once you get to level 15-20, but this is a grind you can make it through.

If you set up your gear, skills and weapons correctly, you can overcome any challenge, but you'll need to level up, gear up, and get ready for the struggle ahead…

Why does it get hard?

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The Elder Scrolls: Blades is a game that starts off simple enough. You'll be completing missions, taking on jobs, enhancing your gear, beating down goblins - it's straightforward enough for a mobile game.

But before you know it, the difficulty jumps up, and you'll be overburdened with quests which want you to go up against enemies that are far too powerful for you, even warning you to level up before you embark on challenging tasks.

Once you hit this wall the game gets a lot less fun, but with some persistence, you can make it through this challenging segment.

One of the main reasons it becomes hard is the limited number of resources at your disposal. You can earn many materials and resources from infinitely repeating jobs, which is good, but other materials can only be gathered from chests, which you must wait for.

This means patience is necessary in The Elder Scrolls: Blades, and you shouldn't rush to any goal. During this period you should do what you can to earn as much experience and materials as possible, while waiting for your next chest to open.

If you stock up adequately, you'll make it much easier for yourself once chests do open, and you get essential crafting materials, which could mean making your character more powerful.

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Essential buildings

Buildings are one of the hardest things to craft in the game, simply because the rarer crafting materials come along so, well, rarely.

You can only get Copper from chests, and you'll need that for buildings, especially the Enchanter's Tower, Smithy and Alchemist.

These three buildings will enchant your weapons, improve your gear and give you health potions. You should build and upgrade these buildings. It'll cost rare copper, but will become entirely necessary as the game progresses.

Important skills

There are some skills which are more helpful than others. The first two, the obvious two, and the Adrenaline Dodge and the recovery Magicka.

These skills can keep you healed up during battle, making powerful enemies much easier to take down, but other skills, such as Advanced Tempering for the Smithy, will become just as essential as the game goes on.

Anything that powers up your character's stats will become necessary.

The Elder Scrolls Blades

Custom character

Of course you've custom built your character yourself, but eventually just strong gear might not be enough, and you'll have to cater your gear to the enemy you're facing.

Prepare yourself with powerful armour with enchantments to complement your strategy, but also a weapon that deals in the type of damage that'll help you.

On top of that, Magicka skills will also make a big difference, especially against enemies resistant to physical damage. As the enemies get tougher, you'll need to build loadouts just to beat those enemies specifically.

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