The Baby in Yellow's new update The Black Cat is now available, doubling the horror puzzler's length

The Baby in Yellow's new update The Black Cat is now available, doubling the horror puzzler's length

Following the announcement earlier this year, developer Team Terrible has announced that the first major update for The Baby in Yellow is now available for iOS and Android. In case you missed our initial coverage, it's called The Black Cat and apparently doubles the game's current length.

The titular feline transports you to a nightmarish realm where you are accompanied by your robotic pal, Newt. By working through a series of new puzzles, you will learn about the true origins of The Baby, who will relentlessly pursue you throughout your adventure.

Speaking about the update, Greg Lee, CEO of Team Terrible, said: “The Black Cat Update represents an incredible wealth of new playable content, including three new chapters, an abundance of puzzles, and hidden lore.”

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"This highly anticipated update not only effectively doubles the game's length, offering players an extended and immersive experience like never before, but also marks the exciting debut of The Baby in Yellow on Steam. Bringing our game to Steam opens up new horizons, allowing a wider audience to discover and enjoy the thrilling world we've crafted.”

If you're unfamiliar with The Baby in Yellow, it's a horror puzzler where you take on the role of a babysitter tasked with caring for a beyond-problematic infant. The base game has eight chapters for you to overcome, each filled with puzzles and jump scares. There are also collectables and other secrets to discover, including unlocking Big Head Mode, a feature that always needs to be in more games.

The Baby in Yellow is available now on the App Store and Google Play as a free-to-play game. It offers one in-app purchase that removes ads. You can download it for your preferred platform using the links below.

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