Alchemist Code hosts collaboration event with popular anime series Danmachi

Alchemist Code hosts collaboration event with popular anime series Danmachi

The Massively popular MMORPG Alchemist Code, developed by gumi Inc, announced a brand new in-game collaboration today. Tying in with the equally popular anime series Danmachi - Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, This event will allow players to summon various characters from the animation along with a login bonus as well.

First up, are the available heroes from the gacha pool. We’ve got the main character Bell Cranel. Bell is, of course, the protagonist of Danmachi, and his abilities feature notable moves that he uses in the anime, wielding his blade proudly. Next, Hestia. The love interest of the series, Hestia wields magical abilities bestowed upon her by the goddess, making her a mage should you add her into your party. And last, Ais Wallenstein. Think of Ais as the secondary protagonist, a blonde-haired female knight that gracefully uses her rapier to combat her opponents.

Beyond the gacha summons, we’ve also got a login bonus event during the duration of this event. If you log in daily, you can get the following rewards:

  • Rainbow Ingot x 200
  • GEMS x 500
  • Rare Equipment 10-Summon Ticket x 30
  • Otherworlder Token x 450
  • Otherworldly Indulgence x 10
  • Otherworldly Retribution x 6
  • Otherworldly Bubble x 4
  • Otherworldy Acquittal Stamp x 2

There are also a few collaboration-themed quests for you to take on that will hand out various rewards ranging from upgrade materials to new titles to display on your profile. Most of these quests can be completed using the multiplayer function as well, so hit up your guild and get ready to celebrate one of the most popular anime franchises out there!

Whether a fan of the anime or a newcomer who’s interested in Alchemist Code’s MMO gameplay, if you’re interested, you can find the game for free on both Google Play and the App Store as well.

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Connor Derrick
Connor Derrick
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