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The Addams Family Mystery Mansion is available now for iOS and Android

Decorate your own spooky mansion

The Addams Family Mystery Mansion is available now for iOS and Android

Pixowl's latest building game The Addams Family Mystery Mansion is available now for iOS and Android. It's the official game of MGM's upcoming animated take on the ghoulish family.

Though it's based on the upcoming movie the game itself with feature an entirely original story that promises to make good use of the kooky dialogue you'd expect from the Addam's family. Other than the story it looks like you'll mostly spend the rest of your time in the Addams mansion collecting and furnishing.

The story will see Morticia and Gomez returning home from their second honeymoon only to find the rest of their family, alongside all of their belongings missing. It'll be your job to help reunite them with their vanished relatives and refurbish the house in a manner befitting of its inhabitants.

This means you'll be collecting other members of the family such as Wednesday, Lurch and Pugsley and you'll be able to get various outfits for them to wear as well. Beyond that, you'll be decorating the mansion with a plethora of different furnishings you'll collect through opening various chests.

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The Addams Family Mystery Mansion will be split up into numerous chapters with different parts of the mansion becoming available as you progress through the story. So before you're able to fully decorate the entire house it's quite likely you'll need to complete a majority of the campaign first.

Not only is it a potentially fun time for Addams Family aficionados it might also appeal to those who enjoy world builders. Particularly if they've ever found the idea of a decorating their own haunted house appealing. From the trailer you can see above you'll be able to choose from items that include suits of armour all the way to carnivorous plants.

The Addams Family Mystery Mansion is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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