Global Exclusive - Text Express: Word Adventure is a crossword game with a narrative twist, coming to mobile on September 1st

Global Exclusive - Text Express: Word Adventure is a crossword game with a narrative twist, coming to mobile on September 1st

GameHouse has announced the upcoming release of Text Express: Word Adventure, Story Giant Games' unique narrative word puzzler coming to iOS and Android on September 1st. The colourful title adds a deeply engaging twist to a crossword game with its immersive story and lush visuals, coupled with various game modes that task players with collecting souvenirs, forming constellations, stringing combos together, filling up a piggy bank and more.

In Text Express: Word Adventure, players can expect to embark on an epic quest as they join spunky protagonist Tilly on a journey aboard an old train. Along the way, players will encounter charming characters, discover vibrant environments and solve word puzzles while expanding their vocabulary. There are 3,500 levels, 195 tasks, 37 destinations, and a whopping 2,600 lines of dialogue to discover.

Apart from crafting words by piecing together available letters, players can also pick fruits, explore mysterious ruins, watch lovely stars, customise their train and more as they unravel the narrative. What makes the game even more unique is that players can also drive the story forward by forming words that trigger actions in a scene (almost like in a Quick Time Event).

Text Express: Word Adventure brings the word puzzle genre to mobile gamers in an entirely fresh and inventive way,” says Tj'ièn Twijnstra, Game Director, Story Giant Games. “For the first time, we are combining word puzzle challenges with a unique and immersive visual story narrative, which gives players an innovative way to interact with word puzzle action and an engaging learning experience for all.

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Text Express: Word Adventure sets no limits on how players can use their creativity. The game breaks the limits of previous word puzzle games and allows for players to relax and have fun during their ‘me time’ in a totally new and challenging experience," says Simonetta Lulli, CEO of GameHouse.

The game also boasts a diverse and inclusive cast of characters, highlighting that it's a game designed for everyone. If you're keen on learning more about Text Express: Word Aventure, you can head on over to the game's official website to stay updated on all the latest developments.

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Catherine Dellosa
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