Tetris is still on top

Still the most played game by a long shot

Tetris is still on top
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You’d think we’d get bored of reporting on the popularity of Tetris, considering it’s been at (or very, very near to) the top of the charts for about… oh, 24 years. But we really don’t! Tetris still rules, and a new top 10 mobile games list for 2008 from Nielsen proves it.

It’s a list that’s very much dominated by retro re-runs, with two Pac-Man games and the classic Oregon Trail forging themselves further into the mobile annals (not that they particularly needed it, but still).

Indeed, there are actually two Tetris games on the list as well, with the original and best snaring the number one spot.

Anyone who wanders past our weekly O2 Charts feature won’t be particularly surprised by the Russian block building game winning out, nor several of the other games in the rundown, since many of them have taken up residence in our own charts for many a long month.

Here’s the full chart, pop pickers!

1. Tetris (7.0 per cent share)
2. Bejeweled (4.0 per cent)
3. Guitar Hero III (3.6 per cent)
4. Wheel of Fortune (2.6 per cent)
5. Pac-Man (2.5 per cent)
6. The Oregon Trail (1.9 per cent)
7. Ms. Pac-Man (1.7 per cent)
8. Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? (1.6 per cent)
9. Tetris Mania (1.6 per cent)
10. Surviving High School (1.2 per cent)

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Spanner Spencer
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