EA confuses consumers with Tetris for iPad bait and switch

Old version pulled, new T-Club version released

EA confuses consumers with Tetris for iPad bait and switch
| Tetris (iPad)

Electronic Arts seems to have another public relations issue on its hands.

Shortly after being named The Worst Company in America, it's invoking the ire of customers again by removing the old version of Tetris for iPad, only to release a completely new version, under the same 'name', but optimised for the new iPad.

(Actually, while the first game was called Tetris for iPad, the new one's technical App Store name is Tetris for iPad 2, although EA is still calling it Tetris for iPad.)

Phantom game

What this means for Tetris fans is that the old version of the game is no longer available for download.

So customers who purchased that version and who wish to download it again (perhaps for a new device, or following the accidental deletion, and who haven't synced to desktop or iCloud) will need to shell out $6.99 to download the new version.

The original version was typically priced at $7.99, but the $1 price drop is hardly generous in the circumstances.

No update

So the question on our mind is why did EA chose to release an entirely new app and not simply release an update for Tetris for iPad?

The reason is simple.

As with with iPhone version of the game, the new Tetris for iPad features a completely reworked mode system - the so-called T-Club, which integrates into EA's Origin social/digital platform, and includes a global ranking for all Tetris players.

More controversially, it also brings a virtual currency - including IAP - system.

To that degree then, this is merely a shelf restacking move from EA, but it does highlight a wider issue of the digital ecosystem - that if consumers have paid for a game, they expect it to continue to be available - not to be forced to repurchase at the whim of the publisher.