Teppen releases new Super Spooky Village expansion featuring an abundance of new cards and anniversary events

Teppen releases new Super Spooky Village expansion featuring an abundance of new cards and anniversary events
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Capcom’s digital collectible card game Teppen has offered up a look at its upcoming patch, which brings with it an abundance of new cards primarily themed after Resident Evil Village and Ghosts N’ Goblins but does implement some new additions based on Capcom’s other properties like Monster Hunter, Mega Man, Street Fighter, and more.

The big focus of this expansion is certainly the addition of the Resident Evil Village cards. By adding in all four of the game’s major antagonists as separate cards, each with their own unique mechanics, Teppen’s finally added cards based on the newest release in the popular survival horror franchise. These cards, in case you were curious, are Lady Dimitrescu, Puppeteer Lady Donna, Mutant Lord Moreau and Lord Heisenberg. If you’ve played through the game, you’ll know that these are the four major bosses you have to defeat to complete the game, so it’s nice to see such major characters finally get a role within Teppen.

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But that’s not all! The other big focus of this update is Ghosts N’ Goblins, the classic 2D platformer. It gets the addition of Arthur - the game’s protagonist - as a card, alongside his damsel in distress, Princess Prin Prin. Arthur himself is one of the cards from this patch that introduces a brand new mechanic known as Quests. This is a new card ability that essentially sees you meet a prerequisite such as “do X damage with this card” or “draw X cards”, and once met, will upgrade said card with anything ranging from a brand new card ability to simply buffing up its stats.

And finally, the last main focus - this one harkens back to a real classic: the legendary old-school 2D fighter Darkstalkers. While Darkstalkers does already have some representation within Teppen with Jedah and his minions, this update adds the ever-so-loveable cat-girl Felicia as a brand new card for you to build into your decks.

Phew! Quite an update, this one. And these are only the highlights! There are plenty of other smaller cards being added in from those franchises mentioned above alongside some anniversary events, so if you’d like to peek at the official patch notes, check out the official Teppen website. And, if you’d like to try your hand at the competitive card game yourself, you can download it for free on both the App Store and the Google Play Store as well.

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