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TELPIC is a casual drawing and guessing game that's available now for iOS and Android

TELPIC is a casual drawing and guessing game that's available now for iOS and Android

TELPIC or Drawing Telephone Game: TELPIC, to give its full name, is a casual multiplayer game from developer Box Creation. It's available now for iOS and Android and as you've probably already concluded from the title, it's all about drawing pictures.

Specifically, it's a drawing and guessing game that will be broken down into four different rounds. In the first, each player will receive a note before drawing a secret word. Once they've done that, they'll simultaneously pass around the note.

In the second round, all players will try and guess what the secret word might be before passing the note around once more. Then in round three, each player will draw the previous player's guess before once again guessing the secret word in round four. After that, each player's results will be revealed.

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Sound a little complicated? You can check out the embedded video above to see a few rounds of the game in action to give you an idea of how a game of TELPIC players out. It's a four-player game then with three different game modes – online against random players, online with pals or offline with only 1 secret word using a pass and play setup.

Discussing TELPIC, Ken Matsuo, Lead Game Designer at Box Creation said: “We started our studio this year and we love making games that bring happy moments through playing, and we're really excited about this launch and looking forward to working for updates."

Drawing Telephone Game: TELPIC is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free game that's supported by various adverts.

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