Tears of Themis is releasing the Gourmet Gastronomy update with a new main story

Tears of Themis is releasing the Gourmet Gastronomy update with a new main story
  • The Gourmet Gastronomy event brings 4 new MR cards
  • Main Story Episode 11 Cocoon (I) will intertwine the lines between good and evil
  • In the NXX Special Investigation, players will solve mysteries in exchange for rewards

HoYoverse has just announced an exciting update for Tears of Themis, which is set to bring a tonne of content to the romance detective title. First up, a limited-time event called Gourmet Gastronomy will go live, followed by a continuation of the main story with the release of Episode 11 Cocoon (I) and the NXX Special Investigation event. Several storylines will be released, each focusing on something different.

The Gourmet Gastronomy event will go live on February 5th in Tears of Themis and will introduce four new MR cards - Luke "Mouth-Watering," Artem "Smooth as Pearls," Vyn "Delectable," and Marius "Seeking Sweetness." All four of them can be seen with delicious meals in a trailer that has been perfectly paired with light-hearted traditional Chinese music. Clearing missions will unlock rewards such as S-Chips and event MR cards. A total of four rounds will be held and players can choose one of these cards as the final prize for each stage.

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The next day, February 6th, will see the release of Main Story Episode 11 Cocoon (I). Lines between good and evil have begun blurring as the two forces interlace and weave a cocoon called home. Destiny will unravel itself as players bask under the glow of the full room. It is set to be a night full of uncertainties. Completing all quests will grant rewards such as Tears of Themis, Stellin, and Oracle of Justice IV.

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Finally, the third event to look out for is the NXX Special Investigation, which will task players with gathering clues to solve a mystery and earn S-Chips and card level-up materials. In addition, players can also complete main story levels with half AP cost. To top it off, double rewards will be granted when doing HQ Resource Requisition and Case Analysis.

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