Tales of Luminaria is an upcoming epic RPG for iOS and Android that can be pre-ordered now

Tales of Luminaria is an upcoming epic RPG for iOS and Android that can be pre-ordered now

Bandai Namco has announced that their upcoming RPG TALES OF LUMINARIA has officially opened for pre-registration. The app will serve as a store for the “Tales of” series that will launch soon for iOS and Android. A special anime called TALES OF LUMINARIA The Fateful Crossroad is also already in production.

The “Tales of” series carries a history of 25 years, full of stories about fascinating encounters with enthralling characters and how they’ve grown. The core of this series is “Encounters that change the world”, which Tales of Luminaria sticks to, but also brings a breath of fresh air with new characters and stories.

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The game has a whopping 21 protagonists and revolves around their lives and how they bond with their friends. It has an ensemble drama set up with all characters being designed by Shun Saeki. You can play the story with each protagonist and learn all their different perspectives, intentions, and how they perceive the world around them. As the story progresses, these heroes fight each other for their own justice.

The 21 protagonists belong to one of three groups – Jerle Federation, generals who are supporters of the Gildllan Empire, and adventurers who travel the world like nomads and do not belong to either country. In the war between the Empire and Federation, we will see each protagonist play their part in this beautifully woven story.

The gameplay uses simple tap and flick controls. However, the controls are designed to feel different for each character in order to suit their personality. Players will be able to engage in close combat using swords and take on enemies from afar with a bow and arrow. The game’s dungeons house giant beasts which you must beat to gain rewards. Venture through towns and villages with your friends and explore the wonderful world around you. Tales of Luminaria promises classic RPG elements alongside some fresh takes.

Funimation has ensured that all voices in the game will be English dubbed. You can pre-register for the game right now on the App Store and Google Play.

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