How to earn gems and summon more heroes in Tales of Crestoria

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How to earn gems and summon more heroes in Tales of Crestoria

Get all of the very best Tales heroes in your party with these Tales of Crestoria gacha tips

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Finally JRPG fans are being blessed, because Tales of Crestoria has landed on mobile devices, and we're all jumping in to summon our favourite heroes and do battle.

Yes that's right, this is a gacha game, and there are plenty of heroes to fight with and against, naturally. But if you want to summon those precious heroes, you're going to need our tips.

Tales of Crestoria isn't a particularly generous gacha game, and if you want to earn as many warriors as possible, you'll need these tips to carry yourself to victory.

So, in this guide we're going to run through the best ways to earn currency and gems you need to summon more heroes - and as a bonus tip, do try and save for those 10x summons for a guaranteed SR hero…

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Starting rewards

When you get started with Tales of Crestoria, you will be able to claim a whole bunch of rewards for downloading the game close to launch.

Get yourself a whole bunch of gems and other items to set yourself up, and you'll quickly have more than enough items to get yourself a full team of SR characters, minimum, before you even undertake any quests properly.

This is a great way to start off, and this is the point where you might want to think about re-rolling if you want to try for those precious SSR characters.

Questing through

The most obvious way to get more materials and currencies for summons is by battling your way through the main quest storyline, and you'll unlock even more quests as you go.

It won't take long for you to get to the point where you have EXP and Gald quests available to you - special battles which offer the titled rewards - in addition to Arena quests and more.

All of these will get your precious money, experience, and gems, so taking on all of them and making progress should set you up to continue.

Daily and weekly missions

The more you play the game, the more you will realise how important these are. The fact is, rewards don't come along often enough unless you're a very regular player.

You need to keep coming back to the daily and weekly missions, and do your best to clear them out every day - and every week. This is the best way to get the best rewards.

Getting the gems you need for further summons is tougher in Tales of Crestoria than it is in many other gacha games, so you will need to exhaust your options to make progress quickly.

Challenge missions

The Challenge missions are perfect for taking new players through the game and helping them understand everything in the game - in addition to offering a whole bunch of rewards.

Jump into the Challenge missions and clear all that are available, and you'll be rewarded with 500 gems, in addition to the rewards for each individual challenge. And that's just to start, you'll also get 500 gems for the second set of rewards, an SR summon card for the third, and an SSR summon card for the fourth.

You should make sure to clear the Challenge missions as quickly as possible to make the most of it.

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