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Full list of EVERY character in Tales of Crestoria

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Full list of EVERY character in Tales of Crestoria

Gotta collect 'em all, and we've got the list you need

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Tales of Crestoria is the Tales gacha game that has been teased for far too long, and finally it has come, complete with all of your favourite heroes from every mainline Tales game, in addition to a new cast and a brand new story. Not bad for a free to play game.

But like any free to play game with gacha mechanics, there will be a lot of heroes for you to earn through gacha pulls, and you should be aiming for the best characters in the game, naturally.

That's why we've put together this detailed list, from which you can use the information to compare and form your own tier list.

Below you'll find the stats of all the characters currently in the game, including their moves, when they are max level. Use the information to see which characters are worth pouring your experience items into, and which can be left on the sidelines.

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These are the rarest characters in the game. You'll be able to select one for free when you start the game up and you can pick your favourite, but after that it's all about summoning through gacha pulls. To game the system as much as possible, look for the most powerful characters in this list, and pick one of those early on.

Name HP ATK DEF Skill Mystic Arte Arte 1 Arte 2
Stahn [Energetic Soul] 233000 3930 2000 Future Knight Captain Phoenix Beast Searing Gale
Reid [Serence Huntsman] 25900 3400 2210 Hunter's Insight Burning Phoenix Sonic Chaos Rising Phoenix
Luke [Shaken in the Wagon] 24600 2930 2840 Nobleman Shut-in Radiant Howl Burning Havoc Fang Blade Havoc
Miselia [The Blazing Bloom] 27500 2500 2900 Inviolable Flame Primrose Rondo Heat Aid Igniting Pillar
Cress [A Moment's Peace] 30000 2900 2500 Swordsman's Stance Dark Blade Dark Blade Phoenix Dance
Lloyd [Twilight Training] 23300 2100 3960 Twice as Strong Falcon's Crest Tiger Rage Raging Beast
Yuri [At Yesteryear's Window] 23600 2270 3400 The Path I Chose Savage Wolf Fury Shining Fang Drop Divine Wolf
Kohaku [Sparkling in Battle] 29000 3050 2500 Mistress of Kicks Final Fury Anti-Magic Pirouette Kick
Sorey [The Dawn's Guidance] 25300 2410 3400 Incorruptible Soul Bolt Tempest Searing Gale Sword Rain: Alpha
Velvet [Tainted by Vengeance] 21200 3990 2120 Feaster of Fiends Lethal Pain Rising Falcon Hell's Claw
Rita [Flash in the Twilight] 25500 3100 2700 I'll Send You Flying Ancient Catastrophe <= ∞ Violent Pain
Kanonno [Greatsword Wielder] 24000 3600 2350 Once Upon a Time Unchained Note Sakura Spiral Sakura Blast
Asbel [Under an Azure Sky] 33500 2950 1950 To Know True Strength Stampede Strike Plasma Shock Incineration Wave
Aegis [Lance that Lights the Way] 21500 2150 4000 Vow of Protection Ending Pierce Crashing Lance Lancepoint Sweep
Estelle [Reading in the Flowers] 36700 1980 2700 Preparation is Key! Sacred Penance Grand Chariot First Aid
Jude [Soul of Diligence] 30200 2710 2650 Friendly Med Student Final Fury Cerberus Blast Recumbent Wolf
Milla [Noble Hearted] 21900 3290 2840 Woman on a Mission Elemental Mastery Cloud Pierce Lightning
Kanata [Blade Swathed in Sin] 29500 2800 2500 Transgressor's Strike Cursed Bladeshadow Feint-form Strike Rending Bite
Leon [Defiant Heart] 21300 3970 2110 Master Swordsman Infernal Suffering Moon Flare Dragon Glare
Ludger [Twilight Memories] 21500 3400 2750 Jack of All Weapons Ritual of Destruction Whirling Assault Time Disintegration
Chronos [Power Past Perception] 29500 2700 2750 Heartless One Bit Force Chronos Collider Tetra Assault
Vicious [Jig of Hot Lead] 39000 2000 2550 Tandem Transgression Persecution Complex Arc Fire Refrain Trigger


These playable characters aren't as rare or powerful as their SSR counterparts, but they'll still make for strong additions to your team to fill out your weaker aspects, and they're far easier to earn in gacha pulls.

Name HP ATK DEF Skill Arte 1 Arte 2
Arche [Sorceress Prodigy] 15000 1970 1890 Tomboy's Trump Card Fireball Tractor Beam
Bruiser [Strapping Muscleman] 14200 2560 1420 Festival of Muscle Hip Attack Hurricane
Presea [The Reticent Axe] 14100 2660 1410 In a Small Package Finality Punishment Punishing Beast
Senel [Alliance Marine] 18900 2110 1420 Crashing Fists Wyrm Rush Whirlwind Talon Blast
Ruca [Timid Greatswordsman] 19700 1810 1730 Mustered Courage Void Tempest Razing Phoenix
Gaius [Unassailable Pride] 13800 2170 1870 Guide to the Weak Demonic Wrath Incineration Wave
Lailah [Wrapped in Flame] 15400 1660 2290 Pure and True Blaze Waltz Flare Vortex
Farah [Upbeat Battler] 18900 1890 1580 No Problem! Lion's Howl Healer
Anise [Precocious Puppeteer] 19100 2170 1340 Prince of Her Heart Duel Dragon Surge Limited
Cheria [Battlefield Blossom] 14200 1450 2290 Feminine Pluck Infinite Wave Virtuous Radiance
Malik [Speaks Without a Word] 18700 1370 1870 Bladeranger's Wit Fourth Circle Culling Flare
Leia [Devoted Staff Striker] 17800 1880 1760 Jovial Staff Wielder Cure Soaring Blast
Rose [Bright-Eyed Merchant] 17100 1780 1690 Not Kidding Around Dream Slasher Lightning Tiger Blade
Rokurou [Rangetsu Practitioner] 19700 2200 1420 Secrets of Rangetsu Shooting Star Orochi's Fury
Kyle [Innocent Swordsman] 15800 2080 1890 Lifelong Yearning Sonic Blast Voltaic Heat
Norma [Mistress of Bubbles] 18900 1340 1970 Seeker's Support Rally Revive
Jade [Perspicacious Colonel] 16900 1690 2050 Circuitous Schemes Sovereign Gale Thunder Blade
QQ [Keen Spearwoman] 18900 1860 1830 One Eye, Two Spears Soul Howling Banishing Storm
Dezel [Peddler in the Wind] 20500 1440 1950 Cleansing Wind Jealousy Cyclone Hell Gate
Zaveid [Drifter in the Wind] 17800 1970 1690 Doin' It My Way Vengeant Fangs Horizon Storm
Elanor [Diligent Spearwoman] 17800 1890 1690 Spear of Faith Earth Drake Aerial Strike
Rutee [Time is Money] 18900 1370 1890 Treasure Seeker Bloody Rose Tidal Wave
Genis [Kendama Battler] 14800 1360 2800 Sage Genius Aqua Edge Force Field
Veigue [Virile Swordsman] 14200 2360 1410 Frozen Fury Splintering Slash Frostfall
Caius [True-Hearted Beast] 13500 2090 1880 In His Blood Beast Sword Rain Sword Rain: Beta
Repede [Gallant Canine] 15400 1540 2320 Warrior's Howl Victory Light Spear Shadow Fang Wave
Rondoline [Twin Bladeswoman] 18900 1590 1880 Let's Get Moving Swallow Turn Serpent Edge
Magilou [A Witch's Beckoning] 14200 1580 2290 A Witch's Aid Final Embrace Violet Storm
Philia [Devoted Sage] 20500 1850 1760 Priestly Insight Philia Bomb Extension
Kor [Fledgling Somatic] 16900 1810 1690 Close at Heart Raging Beast Solar Parabola
Kanata [Bearer of Sin] 18000 1750 1600 I Will Protect You! Feint-form Strike Rending Bite
Emil [Bearer of the Beast] 18100 1890 1690 The Beast Within Dark Radiance Raging Heaven
Elize [Never Apart] 15000 2260 1540 Together with Teepo Pow Hammer Ignite Terror
Vicious [Despised Pariah] 22000 1400 1550 Let's Dance, Pal! Arc Fire Refrain Trigger

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